The profound yet simple truths expressed by Deepak Chopra, Richard Moss, and Father Thomas Keating interweave with the real-life stories of people moving from shattered lives to discovering true inner faith.

the challenge
What does it take to live a life grounded in a deep inner faith? A faith that is not founded on external beliefs or cultural mores? Is there a pivotal moment when despite what life hands us we choose not to become victims but to rise above suffering and live life from an authentic inner faith and abundant creativity?

the story
We are all, at times, bound by our fears and the limiting stories we tell ourselves. In this documentary you will find yourself drawn into the lives of people who have had to change their stories or continue to live in the past. This pivotal moment, when a choice is made to live by a new creed, is the thread that will draw you into From Fear to Faith.

Richard Moss, Deepak Chopra and Father Thomas Keating illustrate the journey to the inner faith that is needed so that we may truly live with joy despite what might appear to be devastating challenges.

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